Why A Climate Controlled Self-Storage Unit Is Ideal For Wooden Crafts

2 July 2015
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Do you enjoy crafting wooden objects that you intend to sell in your own shop one day? You need to be careful that your wooden crafts don't end up getting damaged before they are sold if not stored correctly. Opting to keep them in a self-storage unit that is climate controlled is in your best interest. In this article, discover how a climate controlled self-storage unit can be beneficial for wooden crafts and what you will pay for the rental each month.

Why Will Wooden Crafts Be Safer in a Storage Unit?

There are multiple things that can lead to wood getting damaged, including exposure to a lot of sunlight. Keeping your crafts stored in a self-storage unit is the best way to avoid too much light. The sun can also expose your crafts to excessive heat and cause damage. There will be no windows in the unit, so your crafts won't end up fading from the sun.

It is also important to make sure your crafts are kept in an environment that is not overly cold or hot. You can set the temperature inside of a climate controlled storage unit to a level that is good for the wood. Storing wood in too much heat can lead to damage from moisture that is created from humidity. The moisture can lead to the wood expanding and causing your crafts to look bad. The wood can also suffer from mold and rot from moisture.

Another great thing about a climate controlled unit is that they are located inside buildings. Rainwater won't be able to seep under the door as it can with a regular storage unit. The buildings sometimes have security guards on foot and controlled access entry to keep your items safe in the unit.

What is the Estimated Price of a Storage Unit?

The price for your storage unit will depend on the square footage that you choose and whether or not it is climate controlled. Keep in mind that you don't want to invest in a unit that is only large enough for the crafts that you already have. You need a unit that can accommodate all of your future wooden crafts as well. You are looking to spend at least $170 or more per month for a climate controlled unit that is 10x20 feet.

Don't allow improper storage to destroy all of the hard work that you spent on your wooden crafts. Stop by a self-storage rental facility, such as National Self Storage - Denver, to explore your storage unit options for your crafts as soon as possible!