Paying Less For Storage

What To Look For In A Storage Facility

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Many people want to invest in self storage so they can make more room in their homes. A mini storage building  is a great place to store those things you only need every once in a while. For instance, it is a great place for seasonal sporting goods, antiques, important documents, furniture and baby clothes.  This article will explain what you need to look for if you want to invest in a self storage unit. Temperature Control Having climate controlled air conditioning and heating in your storage building might be very important if you...

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Why A Climate Controlled Self-Storage Unit Is Ideal For Wooden Crafts

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Do you enjoy crafting wooden objects that you intend to sell in your own shop one day? You need to be careful that your wooden crafts don’t end up getting damaged before they are sold if not stored correctly. Opting to keep them in a self-storage unit that is climate controlled is in your best interest. In this article, discover how a climate controlled self-storage unit can be beneficial for wooden crafts and what you will pay for the rental each month. Why Will Wooden Crafts Be Safer in a Storage Unit? There are multiple things that...

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Maximizing Security In Your Self Storage Unit

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Storage facilities are sometimes targets for burglars and thieves. So if you’re thinking about renting out a self storage unit as a means of storing your extra belongings, then of course you want to make sure that your stuff will be as safe as possible. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to keep your belongings as secure as possible in a storage unit. Look for Added Security Features Finding the most secure storage facility in your area is a good place to start. Specifically, there are some features you’ll want to...

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Tips For Keeping Your Self Storage Unit Nice And Organized

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There are a lot of people that will simply pile everything into their storage unit any way that it will fit. While this might seem like a time saver at first, it will prove to be detrimental should you ever need to retrieve anything from within the unit. To help make things a little easier on yourself, you might want to take a moment to review the following helpful tips for keeping your self storage unit nice and organized.  Store Your Couches On Their Ends Instead of allowing your couches to take up a lot of room, you might want to find...

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The Four Benefits Of Using Storage Insurance

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Utilizing a self-storage center is a great way to ensure that you are able to store your items safely outside of your home until you are ready to use them again. Self-storage facilities work to ensure that your items will be safe inside of a durable, heavily locked storage unit that also provides climate control options to protect more fragile items from extreme temperatures. On top of offering all of these options, a self-storage facility will also offer storage insurance. Here are the four benefits of accepting the insurance through your...

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Mold And Mildew: How To Keep These Fungi Out Of Your Storage Unit

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Before you rent a storage unit at a facility like Statewide Self Storage, you must understand how to protect your items from fungi. Mold and mildew can easily damage any item you store in your unit. To keep these fungi from growing, you need to do make sure you have the right storage unit and protective items for your personal belongings. Keep Belongings Dry Any item you plan to store needs to be thoroughly dried. Mold and mildew like damp dark areas, because this promotes growth. Minimizing the dampness of any item you store is essential for...

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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Unit Dry

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There is nothing that will destroy your stored belongings faster than excess moisture. This is because not only can high humidity levels leave your clothes and other fabrics smelling musty, but this environment will also serve as the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Thankfully, there are some steps that you can take in order to help keep your self storage unit dry and mildew free. The tips outlined below can help you to accomplish this task. Tip #1: Cat Litter Has Many Uses Outside Of The Litter Box Cat litter is extremely...

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