Have Items You Need To Store? Find A Self Storage Unit And Ask These Questions About Lease Payments

22 February 2023
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If you are considering getting a storage unit because you want to hide some things from your partner, spouse, or whoever you live with, you will need to get all the lease information from the units in your area so you can choose the best unit for your needs. If you have old belongings and memorabilia you aren't ready to get rid of, you have bought a large item you don't want to store at your home, or other things that you need to keep somewhere outside the home, a storage unit is a great idea.

Examine the lease and tour any facility you think you want to use. Here are some questions to talk about and things to look for in the lease.

Forms of Payment

Find out what forms of payment are acceptable. This could be a check, credit card, cash, or an automatic payment option that comes directly out of a checking account. The storage facility may also take an online payment like Paypal. You want to know beforehand so there isn't any type of confusion or denied payment.

Payment Terms

Know exactly what day the payment is coming out or being charged, or when the payment is due each month to avoid late fees or lease termination. Look at the cost of the late fees, and the penalties if the payment is late. You want to be prepared in advance, and you may want to pay for the full year in advance if you can get a price break.

Value of Stored Items and Insurance Needs

The facility may put in the lease that there is a value limit. This means they don't want items stored on the property and in each unit that are over a certain value.

You also want insurance to protect your stored items. The facility may offer coverage with your lease for an additional price. This is an easy way to get insurance. You also can get costs from a local insurance agent.

If you have items that you aren't ready to let go of or that you want to store so you can keep the items private, find a local self-storage facility nearby. This will provide you with a safe and secure area to protect the items, and you easily access what you keep inside the unit whenever you want. Talk with the self-storage team about the security around their facility, and about your protected unit.