3 Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Unit Dry

11 March 2015
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There is nothing that will destroy your stored belongings faster than excess moisture. This is because not only can high humidity levels leave your clothes and other fabrics smelling musty, but this environment will also serve as the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Thankfully, there are some steps that you can take in order to help keep your self storage unit dry and mildew free. The tips outlined below can help you to accomplish this task.

Tip #1: Cat Litter Has Many Uses Outside Of The Litter Box

Cat litter is extremely absorbent. It is this absorbancy that allows this product to be so incredibly useful both in, and out of the litter box. For instance, cat litter is often used to absorb motor oil that has spilled out onto the driveway or garage floor. This same absorbent power can be put to use in your storage unit in order to prevent excess moisture from building up.

When placing cat litter in your storage unit, you can choose to empty this product into a large pan or simply leave it in an opened bag. However, regardless of how you choose to store the litter, you will need to ensure that it is stored close to the door so that it can be easily removed and replaced every few months.

Tip #2: Charcoal Is Not Just For Backyard BBQ's Anymore

If you are looking for a way to eliminate both moisture and odors from your storage unit, a few charcoal briskets can provide the solution that you are looking for. This is because charcoal not only has the power to absorb moisture, but it also has the power to filter odors out of the air.

While charcoal is a very effective air filtering tool, it can also result in some hard to remove stains if allowed to rest directly up against your belongings. Consequently, your charcoal briskets should always be kept in a bowl or pan that is coated in aluminum foil.

In order to ensure your charcoal is able to effectively absorb moisture, you will also need to avoid any charcoal products that are soaked in fire starters, such as lighter fluid.

Tip #3: Be Sure Your Not Bringing The Moisture In With You

While it is quite natural to look for outside sources of moisture when trying to protect your storage unit from mold and mildew, the fact is, you may actually be responsible for exposing your storage unit to high moisture levels. This is because people frequently wash clothing and other items before placing them into storage in order to prevent stains from setting. The problem is, if these items are not thoroughly dried before they go into the storage unit, the moisture in these items will evaporate over time and result in high humidity levels.

If you absolutely must wash your belongings before placing them into a storage unit, such as Simonson's Mini Storage, be sure that they have ample time to dry completely before packing them into your storage unit.