The Four Benefits Of Using Storage Insurance

21 April 2015
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Utilizing a self-storage center is a great way to ensure that you are able to store your items safely outside of your home until you are ready to use them again. Self-storage facilities work to ensure that your items will be safe inside of a durable, heavily locked storage unit that also provides climate control options to protect more fragile items from extreme temperatures.

On top of offering all of these options, a self-storage facility will also offer storage insurance. Here are the four benefits of accepting the insurance through your storage facility:

1. Low Fees: Instead of insuring your items through your homeowners insurance company, you can choose the insurance offered through your storage facility and you will typically receive much lower fees. For these lower fees, your items will be protected from fire, theft, and even water damage. 

2. Separate from Your Other Insurance: Whenever you make a claim, it is going to be filed through the storage facility. This ensures that the claim is not going to affect the monthly amount of your homeowners insurance or auto insurance. This also ensures that other insurance policies you hold will not be canceled because of a claim you have made for any damages done to your items in storage. 

3. Moving Coverage: Many storage facilities will offer storage insurance that will cover items that are being moved to and from your storage facility up to a certain amount of miles. This is helpful if you were to cause damage to an item while moving it out of the storage facility to your vehicle, which is when damages are most likely to happen from bumping against the walls, your vehicle, and more. 

4. Pay With Your Rent: Most storage facilities will combine the insurance costs with your rental insurance for the storage unit. This allows you to combine the costs of the storage unit into one so that you don't have to worry about making multiple payments per month. 

By knowing the four benefits of storage insurance, you can be sure that you understand why it is a great option for protecting your items you need to store. You never know what types of damages can occur, so it is important that you work to provide protection in any way that you can.

Using storage insurance guarantees that you won't have to lose so much value in your items. Just be sure to take pictures of the items when you first place it in storage, which will prove the condition and value amount of your items to ensure that you are receiving the proper amount through your insurance coverage for replacement or repairs.

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