How To Pack Your Storage Trailer So That Your Personal Possessions Are Easy To Access

10 August 2015
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When you are packing a storage trailer, you might feel the need to simply pack everything and be done with it. You might be hot and sweaty from moving all of the boxes from your house into the car, and you might not want to deal with putting the boxes away in any meaningful order. This is a mistake because when you go back to your unit to look for your dress clothes or a beloved family heirloom, you are going to find yourself lifting and shifting boxes for hours before you are able to get what you need. Here are some tips to make sure that the shifting box nightmare does not happen to you.

1. Label Your Boxes on All Sides

Take a permanent marker and label your boxes on all sides. This is incredibly important because it results in you being able to see what is in the boxes without having to turn them around or crane your neck. You'll be able to see the box that you want in the shortest time possible, allowing easier access to the personal possessions that you need.

2. Leave an Aisle

The next step is to leave an aisle for every five square feet of floor space. This is critical because it allows you to be able to see all of the boxes and increases the chances that you will be able to reach all of the boxes as well. If you have a storage unit that has five square feet of floor space, try to have your aisle be located at the point where you are two and a half feet away from one of the walls that is perpendicular with the wall that contains a door. If you have a larger storage unit, try to have an aisle every three to four feet in order to allow you to access all of your boxes.

3. Make a Pile of Boxes You'll Need Soon

Think about your life. If you are storing your winter clothes in a unit and it's June, then you're going to need those clothes in a few short months. It's going to be smarter for you to put these clothes near the doorway of the storage unit so that you can just grab them and go. If you are going to need to access your teaching materials or craft materials because you plan to start a project during the break, make sure that you store these close to the door. Try to plan ahead.

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