Storing Your Toy Collections: How To Protect And Preserve Potentially Priceless Items From Damage

30 October 2015
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There is a big market out there for toy collectors. Some collect vintage toys and keep them "as is", while others collect vintage toys and have them professionally restored. There are also toy collectors that collect newer toys and amass so much that they have no place to keep them. If any of these descriptions of toy collectors fits you, then you probably want and need more ways to store, protect and preserve your collection from all of the things that could potentially damage it. Here are a few suggestions.

Display Cases Made of UV Glass or Plastic Protective Glass

Shadow boxes made of UV glass or plastic protective glass have long been used to protect valuable collectibles. You may even find some custom frame shops that can fabricate display boxes to fit the sizes and shapes of the toys you want to preserve while putting them on display or placing them in storage. If you choose this option and really want some solid protection for your toy collection, many of the display cases and boxes can also be outfitted with hinges, hinged doors or hinged lids and padlocks that only you can open with a key or with your own code.

Plastic Storage Totes

If you do not do this already, plastic storage totes can help keep the toys in your collection safe. However, there is a "right" way and a "wrong" way to use storage totes for potentially priceless items. If you buy the basic totes with snap on lids, these generally do not seal out water or bugs. Ergo, use duct tape or heavy duty packing tape and tape all around the edges of the totes before you place them in storage. That way everything you put into them will be protected against floods and against insects that like to eat wood, flocking materials and/or doll hair.

Self Storage Units

Since collections have a way of growing beyond the boundaries of your home sometimes, you will eventually need separate storage. Self-storage units can be very economical, especially if you only need a little extra space (e.g., something the size of a garden shed or small garage). Some self-storage companies also offer additional services in the form of environmentally controlled units, entirely enclosed indoor units, extra insurance against flood, theft, fire and pest destruction, as well as beefed up, around-the-clock security if you have some especially rare and valuable toys.

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