Need More Space? 4 Budget-Friendly Storage Solutions

11 November 2015
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Many people feel the need for more space, especially those living in smaller homes. If this sounds like you and you want to figure out storage on a budget, here are four solutions that will be nice to your bank account:

1. Egg Cartons and Cupcake Liners.

Drawer dividers can be expensive, and there's really no reason to spend a fortune on them when you have things around the house that can easily be transformed into your own creative dividers. Make use of your egg cartons when you've used all the eggs to hold scissors, pencils, and little odds and ends. Egg cartons can also be used to store small Christmas ornaments, doll accessories, jacks, bouncy balls, etc. You can also utilize silicone cupcake liners as a storage solution for change, keys, paperclips, etc.

2. Plastic Cups in a Large Storage Bin.

Another option for Christmas ornaments, especially the larger bulbs that you don't have the original packaging for any longer, are plastic cups placed strategically inside a large bin. In a large, plastic bin, you can place the cups at the bottom of the bin (or glue them so they don't move around). Place the ornament—with the hook—inside the cup. You can then place another layer of cups directly on top or in a brick-laying pattern. This reduces the hassle of having to untangle the hooks each year.

3.  Curtain Rods.

If you have some extra curtain rods around the house or can get your hands on some cheap ones, you can utilize these to organize your gift wrapping paper or craft fabric. You can put the rods through the cardboard rolls of the wrapping paper or fabric bolts and install several of these from top to bottom on a wall, in the closet, or on the back of a door. If you know exactly how much paper or fabric you need, you can just pull and cut without even having to take the tube off of the rod.

4. Office File Boxes.

Although file boxes are of good use in the office, they can also help create more space in the bathroom. If you have a drawer that could be used for something much better than your curling item, blow dryer and hair straightener, then you may want to consider mounting a file box to the side of your vanity or the back of the vanity cabinet door for these items. These items will still be easily accessible for you, but they'll be out of the way and will open up more space for other items.

If you still need more room for storage, consider contacting a local self-storage facility, like Pearl Street Self Storage. You can get your items out of your way while keeping them where they're easily accessible whenever you need them.