Utilizing Self Storage Units To Reduce eBay Inventory Overload

22 April 2018
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When you run an eBay store out of your home, things can quickly get out of control. If you don't plan for what you'll do with the inventory as it comes in, as your listing it and after it's listed, your home can be taken over by the inventory and make you feel more than a little stressed out each day. Here, you'll learn a few tips for utilizing a storage unit to house your inventory.

Choose a Location

The first thing to consider is the location of the storage unit that you'll be leasing. You need it to be easily accessible at any time that you'd be likely to stop in. It needs to be nearby your home or on the way to the post office or shipping store that you'd use. The key is to choose a location that won't be out of your way.

Accessibility is also important. Many eBay sellers work weird hours, so you need to find a storage unit that you can easily get in when you need to. Some storage facilities limit the hours in which you're permitted to enter – make sure that the hours of operation match up with the hours that you're likely to need access.

Package the Products

When you take listed items to the storage unit, you want them to be completely ready to go. This means that they should be all packed up, measured and weighed and clearly labeled. You need to know exactly what is in the package without having to open it again before shipping. It's also a good idea to get the weight and size of the item without the box in case you have to combine multiple products in one package.

Now, purchase some shelving units to use in the storage unit. If you sell a lot of clothing, you'll also need some storage bins. You want to place everything on shelves or bins in an organized manner so that when the item sells, you can quickly grab it and go.

Ship the Items

When you get a sale, you'll need to print a label and get the item shipped. Since you've already packaged, measured and weighed the item, all that you have to do now is print a label, retrieve the item and drop it off at the post office. So, print the label, take it with you to the storage unit, stick it on the package and ship it out.

You can make things much less stressful at home if you take control of your inventory. Your storage unit can give you the means to do just that. For more information, contact your local self-storage facility.