2 Mistakes To Avoid When Placing Your Wood Furniture In Storage

21 May 2019
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If you find it necessary to store some of your furniture in long-term storage, you may be busy getting everything ready to go, including your wood furniture. However, while you are getting the furniture ready and before you put it into the unit, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that may result in damage to the wood.

1.  Forgetting to Properly Prepare the Wood

One mistake that you should avoid while preparing your wood furniture for long-term storage is forgetting to properly prepare the wood surfaces. Even if you have rented a climate-controlled unit, the wood may still be exposed to temperature changes and moisture, both of which could contribute to the wood either excessively drying out or rotting.

To help keep this from happening, you should first treat the wood before storing the furniture. You have two options for doing this. First, you can douse the wood in orange oil that will help keep the grain moist while helping to repel condensation.

Second, especially if you will storing the furniture for more than a few months, you can use furniture wax that will form a protective barrier over the wood. Not only will this barrier protect against moisture, but it can also act as a buffer against scratches and dents from items placed on top of or next to the furniture.

2.  Neglecting to Protect the Wood by Covering It

Even if you apply a thick coat of wax on the wood, you still need to take an extra step when keeping your furniture protected from scratches. If you neglect to put a cover over the furniture, heavy objects may still slide or fall and damage the surface. Also, if dust settles on the wood for too long, it could permanently mar the surface.

However, do not cover the wood furniture with plastic, as this will create the ideal condition for condensation that will lead to rotting of the wood. Instead, lay pieces of cloth, such as old sheets or blankets, over the top of the furniture. The cloth will form a barrier against dust and help protect the wood surfaces from scratching.

Avoiding the above mistakes while putting your wood furniture in long-term storage can help reduce damage and keep it in pristine condition until you need it again. For more information about storing specific items, speak with a representative with a business that offers self-storage units, such as Southwest  Self Storage