3 Tips For Preventing Damage When Putting Items Into A Storage Unit

29 September 2019
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When you decide that you want to rent a storage unit for various belongings, you may feel confident in your ability to choose one that is the right size. You may even know what to look for in nearby facilities such as security measures and the location of the units you are interested in.

But, you may not know much about putting items into storage and preventing damage. This is a situation in which following a few tips can make a huge difference in protecting your belongings.


If you have fragile decorations made of glass, clay, or another delicate material, you may be worried about these items getting damaged or breaking while in storage. Wrapping each piece in tissue paper is an excellent idea because it will give each piece a protective barrier. This is when you should consider avoiding newspaper because the ink could bleed onto your decorations.

Using small to medium-sized boxes is also worthwhile in this situation because it will minimize the chance that the boxes will collapse due to support lacking towards the middle of each box.


Putting furniture into storage is something that you may find quite challenging because each piece can take up so much space without any preparation. If you want to put a sofa into storage, you should break it down into as many individual pieces as possible. Then, you should get cushion and cover storage bags as this will help you protect fabric that is susceptible to dirt and grime.

As for legs and table tops, you should make sure to keep them off the ground because you want to avoid a situation in which water can cause damage to furniture. This is something that can happen with an outdoor storage unit if it rains hard enough and some water seeps through.


When you are interested in putting tools in storage, you will likely not have to worry about the tools getting damaged. In this situation, you need to watch out for tools causing damage to other items because things like shovels, rakes, garden sheers, and hammers are quite sturdy. All it takes is a shovel knocking into a somewhat delicate item to either cause scratches, cracks, or breakage.

Putting a decent amount of time and effort into preparing your items for storage will help you protect everything that you put into a self storage unit so that nothing gets damaged.