3 Tips On Renting A Storage Unit Before A Lengthy Backpacking Trip

10 August 2020
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If you are planning to go on a lengthy backpacking trip in which you will not be coming back for many months, you may intend on moving out of your home. This means that you need to decide whether you want to get rid of your items or put everything into storage while you are away.

Storing all your belongings is an excellent idea because you will not have to do extensive shopping after coming back from your trip. Renting a storage unit and following several tips on storing your possessions will give you confidence and peace of mind while you are away from your items for so long.

Vacuum Seal Bags

Picking up vacuum seal bags to use for storing things is beneficial because you can save a ton of space, which allows you to rent a smaller storage unit to meet your needs. Clothes, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and couch cushions are all items that you can vacuum seal easily.

If you put all these kinds of items into a pile inside your home and then go through the process of sealing everything, you will see a huge difference regarding how much space is used.

Climate Control

When you want to store almost everything that you own, you will likely have items that could sustain damage from extreme temperatures, humidity, or dryness. This makes it worth investing in a climate-controlled storage unit so that you can store all your belongings without worrying.

While you may be able find storage containers that can protect items from humidity damage, you can look forward to avoiding extensive preparation with climate-controlled storage.

Inside Building

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and flooding on occasion, you may want to prioritize storage units inside buildings. This will give you peace of mind that, even if heavy rainfall and flooding occur, you will know that your storage unit is not at risk of flooding. Going with this option is smart because you may be too far away to visit your storage unit in such an emergency.

Another thing that you may feel better about when renting a unit inside a building is the safety and protection of your belongings since the building provides an extra layer of security.

Using these tips to help you rent a storage unit will help you look forward to an enjoyable backpacking trip in which you know your items are well-protected.

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