Packing Your Storage Unit To Prevent Damage

26 February 2021
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Self-storage units can be a great way to keep clutter out of your home while preventing the need to repurchase seasonal or emergency items. These units can also provide an ideal solution for individuals who find themselves temporarily living in a hotel or other small space while looking for a new home or waiting for repairs to be done to their existing home. However, none of these benefits will matter if you do not begin the storage process correctly by packing the unit in a way that prevents damage to the items stored inside. Thankfully, these simple tips can help you to accomplish that goal.

Avoid Stacking Heavy Items On Soft Surfaces

People often use furnishings such as sofas and mattresses and store other items on top of them. The reasoning behind this is that these softer items will provide a layer of cushioning or protection for fragile items such as mirrors and televisions. The problem is, many of these fragile items can be relatively heavy and leave behind impressions in the softer furniture after an extended storage period. 

If you want to use items such as mattresses to cushion your fragile items, consider storing these things on their side and positioning the fragile items in between them. Just remember to rotate the mattresses from time to time to prevent the stuffing from settling to one side.

Use Pallets To Keep Items Off The Floor

Ensuring air is allowed to flow around your stored items is a great way to prevent damage and take full advantage of the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to achieve this goal is by using pallets to keep items from being stored directly on the floor.

If you do not currently own any wooden pallets, be sure to check with local supermarkets and other stores before going out and purchasing these pallets since many stores will happily give you old pallets rather than pay for them to be hauled off.

Leave Space To Walk

Chances are you will need to retrieve items from your storage at different times rather than emptying the unit all at once. Leaving walkways in between stacks of boxes and other items will ensure that you are able to easily retrieve the items you need without shuffling everything around in a manner that could potentially cause some items to become damaged. Having ample room to move around inside your storage unit will also help you to prevent personal injury when attempting to access items that are stored in the rear of the unit.

Contact a self-storage facility for more information.