Three Things To Look For In A Student Storage Facility

1 July 2021
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For college students, having a self-storage unit can be essential. This is particularly true for those living in dorms, as moving in and out every year can become a burden. If you are a college student who want to simplify the transition between on-campus and off-campus life at the end of each school year, here are some things to look for in a student storage facility.

Moving Services

Renting from a storage facility that offers moving services can make the start and end of each school year easier. The facility can deliver boxes and furniture needed for the new year, and they can also retrieve these items when you're ready to head back home for the summer months. Make sure you understand the costs associated with the move before you sign a rental agreement. Some facilities may include the cost of moves into your monthly rent, while others may tack on an additional fee for each move. You'll also want to make sure all of your items are clearly labeled for storage. This will make it easier for the moving crew to identify the items you want brought back to your dorm at the start of the fall semester.

Online Inventory Tracking

It can be difficult to remember all the items you have in storage, so consider a facility that offers online inventory tracking. This feature lets you upload photos of items you have in storage as well as the containers they are packed in. With this unique option, you can simply create a list of possessions you want to have delivered to your dorm room, Greek house, or apartment throughout the school year. Typically, online inventory trackers can be accessed on your computer or through a mobile app. As with all services, you'll want to ask about any fees before you agree to sign up.


As a college student, you know that campus safety is extremely important. It's also important to make sure you rent from a storage facility that is safe and secure. Look for an indoor storage facility with on-site staff for added peace of mind. The doors to the storage units should be restricted to limit the people who can enter and exit the facility, particularly at night when there might not be as many people around. Ask about key card or pass code access when you tour the storage facility. You should also look for cameras as you tour and ask about emergency call buttons or phones to help you feel more at ease when you visit to deposit or retrieve items.