5 Tips For Storing A Car During The Winter

7 February 2022
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Do you have a nice car that you are looking to put into a storage facility for the winter? If so, you'll want to know some tips that will help with keeping your vehicle protected.

Wax The Vehicle 

It's always a good idea to wax your vehicle before putting it into storage. The coat of wax is going to help the vehicle shed dirt and dust while it is in storage, which will help keep the body of the car preserved all winter long. The car will also look shiny when it comes out of storage in the spring. 

Prep The Gas Tank 

You actually will want to fill up your gas tank before you store your vehicle for a long time. Having an empty gas tank means that there is going to be more air within it, which means more moisture as well. That moisture can cause the fuel to break down, and lead to rusting of the metal components of the gas. Topping off the gas tank will help prevent these two problems from happening. 

In addition, a fuel stabilizer can be added to your gas tank to prevent oxidation. There are directions for how much stabilizer to put in your gas tank based on how much fuel it holds, and then you will run the car briefly to get the stabilizer through the system. 

Change The Oil

It's a good idea to change the oil before the vehicle goes into storage. Oil naturally breaks down over time, and not driving the car is not a valid excuse to leave the oil in the engine. Putting in fresh oil is going to keep the parts well lubricated and have the vehicle ready for the spring.

Maintain The Battery

There are several ways to maintain your battery while you are not driving it. You can actually disconnect the battery and connect it to a battery tender device. These have modes designed specifically for winter storage, which will cycle the battery and make sure that there is not any crystalline buildup on the battery posts. 

Inflate The Tires

You should inflate the tires to the maximum PSI allowed for winter storage, because they will lose tire pressure in the cold weather. You do not want the tires to be in a deflated state for a long period of time, because this can deform and develop a flat spot from being in the same position. While tires do rebound to their original shape, inflating the tires can help prevent this from happening. 

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