Your Helpful Guide To Storage Facilities

27 May 2022
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Storage facilities can offer a lot of options for storage, as well as many services that people who use storage can also make use of. The first thing to know is that one storage facility will differ from the next in some ways, while also having many similarities. This guide on storage facilities can educate you on them and some things they can offer. Here's more on this: 

Going to a storage facility

When you go to a storage facility to rent a unit, you will likely park in the outside parking lot, then go into the office entrance. In most cases, you won't be able to get to where the units are without already having a code or key card. This is one of the security measures in place to keep people's belongings safe. You can easily rent a unit by filling out a quick form, providing the necessary identification, and paying your first month's rent. You will supply the lock for your unit, and most facilities sell new locks as one of the many services offered. 

Renting a storage unit

You can rent a small unit that's good for just a few things, or you can rent a very large one for something like an entire home or even business equipment or products. Also, you can find units that fall somewhere in the middle. You'll find special units, such as ones with tall doors that can accommodate RVs. Many of the units you can rent will have climate control, but some don't. If you will be storing anything that shouldn't be exposed to hot or cold temperatures for prolonged periods of time, then go with climate control. Also, these units control the humidity level.

Using other services

Some storage facilities will offer equipment and supplies for moving. Many will have rental moving trucks, and some will even be able to provide movers you can hire to help you out with the actual packing and moving. The facilities can also rent things like appliance dollies, furniture dollies, moving blankets, and more. 

The facilities will often sell products you may need when putting things into storage. These things can include heavy-duty boxes, tape, and labels. This can be convenient when you are already busy tending to all the tasks that need to be done when you are moving your things from one place into the storage unit you have rented.